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Weekly Burn #9: Self Storage

Hello fellow readers. As promised, we are back and here to give you a recap of the buzz around our awesome title, Self Storage!

Let’s bring it back to the folks over at Outright Geekery. They highlighted some of my favorite things about our book Self Storage: “The story line is entertaining and paced very well. Each issue ends with a cliffhanger leaving the reader eagerly waiting for the next installment. There are some very funny moments in this comic that gives Self Storage a horror comedy feel. It reminds me of Shaun of the Dead crossed with Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.” I personally love both those movies. If you haven’t seen them go pick them up, and then if you haven’t picked up Self Storage go pick those issues up, and then compare them, and I have a feeling you’ll say something like, “Gosh dang it, these are some nice freaking horror-comedy films. Lemme get another gummy worm and a tasty soda and read Self storage again, this is peak genre work.” I’m right there with you guys, it’s a good snack.

Next up, let’s again revisit Pop Culture HQ. As I stated just a few paragraphs up these guys are legends. It looks like the newest issue of Self Storage may have given them the SCANNERS treatment: “Self Storage from Clay McLeod Chapman and Matt Timson, racks up another impressive strike with the fourth installment to their zombie, horror, mystery series. Just when you think the predictable is coming, these clever creators come up with some of the best scene twist in the world of zombie tales. Trust me folks, this issue will make your head explode!!” We’re looking to make heads explode every time out the gate. If you’re read doesn’t explode we know we need to head back to the story gym. Do we even lift, bro? Yes, we lift the old guard comic creators out of their story thrones and throw them into the story river, to be reborn as 451 disciples. I may have said too much, PCHQ also had a wonderful write-up of issue 5.

Mannnnn, all of the great bloggers and writers that have been reviewing our books have really taken the time to understand and critique our works. Pleasing the reader is our only goal, and seeing the effort put into these reviews warms our heart (Not necessarily in the Temple of Doom way, but kinda). Joshua had the following to say: “The creators are proving that the undying genre is one that truly will not stay down when used in new and interesting ways. Clay McLeod Chapman has found an ingenious way to provide a wonderfully entertaining commentary on our inability to let things go.” I’ll make sure Clay hears your kind words. He’s a real good guy, even if he isn’t always the nicest to his characters…

If I was going to crusade for something it would be comics. And luckily since the pen is mightier than the sword I feel like that Crusade would have less blood and destruction and stuff, or at least more colorful cooler destruction. Sign me up. The Crusaders had the following to say about Self Storage #5: “This issues makes me sad because I know the next issue is the last, it’s my single most looked forward title each month and I’m going to miss it when it ends.” Gosh, with a review like that, if there is a comic crusade, I will gladly fight, and die, and then be resurrected by comic magic, switch sides three twice, and then fight more, and win the war, by your side.

That is all for now, enjoy your wild weekends and we will see you back here next week as we cover all the good news about the incredible series ExMortis!

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