The Last Issues of Self Storage and ExMortis Hits Stores

Self Storage #6 and ExMortis #7 hit bookshelves across the US, marking the end of both series. Read the full synopses below:

Self Storage #6

With the mystery of unit #83's occupant - living dead girl Jessica - now solved, it's time for a dysfunctional family reunion. Letting go of the things we love is hard, but holding on to them forever turns out to be much, much harder. Not to mention this storage facility has a few new undead occupants to contend with, and those numbers are only growing. So sink your rotting teeth into the final issue of Clay McLeod Chapman's critical smash, Self Storage, a masterful self-contained story of a self-contained zombie found in a self-storage container.

(W) Clay Chapman (A/CA) Matt Timson


ExMortis #7

Mengele's undead army of the fighting dead have gone a bridge too far. With the future of free world at stake they must not be allowed to cross! On one side of the bridge, we have the Dreadnaughts, our rag-tag team of man and monster roughnecks crossing the line from soldiers into heroes. On the other side, a starving army of bloodthirsty zombies, born of an unholy bridge between life and death. How fitting then that this final battle takes place in the shadow of a valley of death and destruction where all there is to fear is evil.

(W) Andi Ewington, Williams Brothers (A) Raymund Bermudez (CA) Ben Oliver


Both series have had plenty of success. Self Storage is constantly praised for being a “humorous and unconventional take on the walking corpses tale” that “should become a cult classic comic”. ExMortis is a “gritty B&W comic with historical fiction and monster goodness” and won a Ghastly Award for best artist of the year (Raymund Bermudez).

If you are interested in seeing what all the hype is about, check out our Comixology page and dive right in.

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