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Exmortis Issue #1

    • In this WWII epic, to fight fire with fire, the allies recruit a guerilla force of supernatural proportions, corralling a team of experts that includes Jack Glendon aka Wolfman, Junior aka Frankenstein, Vlad aka Dracula, Erik Leroux, aka the Phantom and Hans Vogler aka the Gillman. The Deadly 1⁄2 Dozen become our nation’s only hope and salvation against the Third Reich in an epic battle of gore and glory to stop the Red Menace and save the world from the most terrifying monster of them all – Man.
    • Written by Pete & Paul Williams (VFX behind Avatar, Rise of The Planet of the Apes, Chronicles of Narnia)
    • Illustrated by Ghastly Award Winner Raymund Bermudez (Justice League 3000, Action Comics)

    • Issue #1

    • 40 pages

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