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451 Media Group proudly presents a new vision from writer/director Rob Cohen; an out of this galaxy tale of love and loyalty between a boy and his best friend. Welcome to the world of RED DOG. RED DOG takes place on the distant mining colony Kirawan. The remote outpost houses 197 men and women, however one of them is not like the others: Only one of them is a kid, and that kid’s name is Kyle.


Life is hard for everyone on Kirawan, but growing up there requires a whole different set of demands. To help Kyle cope with his situation (and teach him responsibility), Kyle’s uncle built a robot K-9 named Q. Q Is very truly the greatest friend a boy could ever ask for. Q’s quantum chipped brain allows him to learn and develop much faster than their earthbound counterparts.


However, when Q ends up lost on the desolate and dangerous planet, Kyle does the one thing he promised he would never do, leave the colony alone. Away from the relative safety of imperium mines Kyle finds himself surrounded by an entire world of species, smack-dab in the middle of a centuries old civil war. Kyle may have left the colony to save his best friend Q, but on this adventure Kyle will be asked to save much more, as the the entire destiny of Kirawan will rest in his hands.


Welcome to the world of RED DOG, an epic sci-fi adventure that reminds us all, even in space, every boy needs his dog.

Written & Created by: Rob Cohen

Illustrated by: Rob Atkins

Edited by: David Forrest



"Red Dog is top dog.

5 out of 5!"

-Comic Bastards

"An epic

in the making."

- Pullbox

“A must read

for sci-fi fans."

-Comics Verse

“memorable and iconic"


"A wonderful 

new kind of science fiction comic." 


“Sci-Fi at it's best."

-Heroes Direct

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