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Humbug Issue #1

    • Meet the world’s first paranormal investigator - Ebenezer Scrooge. A dark historical revisionist take on the classic character from Dickens’ CHRISTMAS CAROL answers the question of what happened to Scrooge the day after that oh so famous Christmas Eve intervention and his grave encounter from the Other Side? Scrooge opens London’s first Paranormal Agency for hire, The House of Humbug. Together with his nephew Fred, Bob Cratchit and Bob’s all grown up six-foot, not-so-tiny-son, Tiny Tim, Scrooge and his team of Victorian ghostbusters use their wits and resources to rid the city of malevolent spooks and spirits taking over London. HUMBUG just may be greatest story never told.
    • Written by A.J. Gentile
    • Illustrated by Cosmo White
    • Issue #1
    • 32 pages
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