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“Biker Born, Biker Bred, when I die I’ll be Biker Dead”.


Mekong Delta.  1968 - Deep in the trenches of the war torn jungles of Southeast Asia, something much worse than the Viet Cong is stalking the enemy…


Talbot, Virginia.  2016 - When Sheriff George Wagner is killed in a savage animal attack, his son Teddy returns home to pick up the shreds of his legacy.   He soon discovers that along with his father his hometown has become helpless human prey to a rash of brutal unexplained murders.  Someone or something is killing the people of Talbot.  And it’s waiting, watching in the dark, unseen, poised to feed and ready to claim its next victim...


As the investigation gets under way the blood trail leads to the Lunar Cycles, a nomadic motorcycle gang that have set-up camp just outside of town. The arrival of werewolf hunter Noah Packard confirms that the bikers are more than they claim to be.  The brotherhood of bikers and the brotherhood of the wolf are tested to the limits along with the gang’s allegiance to their biker code, “Live to Prowl, Howl and Growl”.


When the moon and gas tanks are full, it’s all-out hell on wheels.  Get ready for one wild and wooly thrill ride as man vs. beast and the townies and werewolves go to war in this mind-bending mash up of TRUE BLOOD and SONS OF ANARCHY.

Written by: Scott Rosenberg 
Adapted by: Brandon Easton

Illustrated by: Ty Dazo

Editor-in-Chief: David Forrest

ARTIST: ty dazo

A comic book illustrator who has drawn such titles as DEADPOOL, STAR WARS, and THE MARKINGS. He is also known for introducing manga to the Philippines comic book industry in 1988.

CREATOR: scott rosenberg​

A one man writing and producing force of nature with an outlaw attitude and one helluva animal instinct to tap into what audiences crave.  Scott’s work on the big and small screens include such mega-hits as CON AIR, ARMAGEDDON, GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS, HIGH FIDELITY, CLOVERFIELD, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS, DISTURBING BEHAVIOR, IMPOSTER, KANGAROO JACK, THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU’RE DEAD, LIFE ON MARS and HAPPY TOWN.

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Motion Graphic Novel
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