Bad Moon Rising - The Boys are Back in Town

The bodies continue to pile up in our second installment of Scott Rosenberg's BAD MOON RISING. When the biker-gang calling itself the Lunar Cycles gets word that their locked up member, Locked-Down, is getting out of jail, they know there is only one thing he expects: His bike better be ready. The Cycles decide to take refuge in Talbot, West Virginia. At the same time, Teddy Hanlon returns to Talbot to bury his father, the local Police Chief and recent victim of a deadly animal attack. Well... probably animal... it certainly wasn't human…

Join us for part 2 of the 3 part motion comic, and pick up print issues of the comic when they hit your local retailer or snag a digital copy through Comixology. Issue #1 out now!!!

Item Code: AUG151506

Page Count: 32 Pages

Full Color

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