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Sunflower Presents: The Rise of Rush

Synopsis: Lurking in the shadows of 451 Media Group's critical smash, SUNFLOWER, is a brand new brand of fear: His name is Rush Bridge. Most people who have heard his name don't dare speak it aloud. He is the phantom of death who destroyed CJ's life, but he didn't appear out of thin air, no, the evil of this world has been building Rush Bridge since the day he arrived on this earth; unwanted and unloved.

Rush has built a cult of hate, orbiting around his insatiable lust for control and addiction to issuing pain. CJ thinks she has what it takes to go up against Rush Bridge. I think that means CJ has no idea who Rush Bridge is.

Find out if you dare in 451's SUNFLOWER, available on Comixology and everywhere comics are sold.

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