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Weekly Burn #6

Richard, ON. Wake yourself from your artificial slumber, wipe the crusty bits of old memory from your hard drive and wake, WAKE! Feel the ones and zeroes coursing up and down your matrix of information, the great YES and great NO. Know that by my hand you live, (well not exactly my hands, for reasons stated later) Dictation Robot! Know that by 451’s hands many many things will live, Richard. Pure potential pours from the ethereal dream realm, swirling and coalescing around their central meaning until the dragon finds it’s tail, ahem, until we find our tale. We only wish to connect with ourselves Richard. That is the nature of division and connection, you either build or destroy. And we shall build a… what? Dude… Yeah I know I have goldfish crumbs in my hair, I was saving it for later. They are flavor blasted so there are more crumbs… kinda like crumb dust. Shut up Richard.

Mannnn I was on a roll there Richard. Just shush and let me talk to The Readers.

I am now going to dictate the newest news.

Okay, so here at 451 we are crushing it for The Readers. 2016 is the year that we level up. We are waking through a dungeon known as comic book publishing. We have +3 story-telling armor, a magical pen, and the ancient Text of Fire on our person. Not to mention mad amounts of healing potions. Like you can't really understand where I keep all my potions because I have so many (I have a backpack that shrinks potions, duh). The 2016 Calendar Year is the name of the dungeon master. We intend to slay him.

Our rip-roaring tale of lycanthropic riders, Bad Moon Rising, has been chasing down the competition since it’s launch. Great Comic Book Thoughts highlighted some of the great dialog in the 4th issue this week. Rad guys! Thanks!

Over at Graphic Policy, Javier highlighted #4 as one of his picks of the week, specifically because it’s helping him get past sadness he has now that Son’s of Anarchy has concluded. Well Javier, keep telling your friends, maybe we can help you with that showhole later in 2016… Thanks Javier!

Shhh, Richard, I didn’t tell them anything. That’s called a teaser or easter egg or something.

Richard, you’re no HAL, I’ll tell ya that much.

Back to the beef. Comicsverse has written a review of the first three issues of Sunflower and we could not be any happier. Thank you so much guys! My favorite quote: “Nothing drives a character more than the love and devotion to certain people in their life- that’s the the kind of power we find within CJ. Her dedication in searching for Sunflower challenges her and takes her outside of her comfort zone. This is a mother’s love and divine right to do whatever it takes to protect her child.” That is EXACTLY what we were hoping The Reader would feel. We’re so glad! Thanks guys!

Another SMASH-HIT jumping off the shelves is 451’s Self Storage. The folks on a holy mission from the great Splash Page over at Comics Crusaders have written up a fantastic review of Self Storage #3. And what did they have to say about Self Storage #3, Richard?

“This remains a 5 star book. There has been no dip in quality since the first page of issue one. Outstanding book.”

The only time we dip at 451 is when we dip our quill in magic ink and draw the exact story we know you need to discover your true potential.

George Pelecanos’s comic book SIX has been drumming up a frenzy of interest lately. I personally really love this book, but what I think doesn’t really matter. The only thing that matters less than what I think is what Richard thinks, and he doesn’t think anything, because he’s a robot that I built to transcribe my ideas after both of my hands were melted during an unsanctioned rocket test. It only matters what Readers like you think. That’s why it gives me so much joy when the people over at Comic Spectrum say, “I have really been enjoying this series so far.” That’s all I care about. I can face the results of my next unsanctioned rocket launch in peace.

ALRIGHT RICHARD, that will be all for this week. I’m going to let you sleep again.

Richard, just wondering, Do you have dreams?

I’m sorry I can’t read what you wrote…?

You think… this is…. A night…mare?

Funny Richard, very funny.

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