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NVRLND Official Trailer

451 Media released the official trailer for it's newest title, NVRLND. Here is the creative team behind the book:

Written by Stephanie Salyers and Dylan Mulick

Illustrated by Leila Leiz

Colored by Thomas Chu

Synopsis: NVRLND is a dark and magical retelling of Peter Pan set in the present-day landscape of Hollywood. Wallflower turned wild-child Wendy Darling befriends the fierce Tiger Lily and falls into the music rave scene of the underground club NVRLND. Intoxicated by the music, Wendy falls for the enigmatic Peter, lead singer of the band The Lost Boys. Peter is everything a girl could desire: handsome, daring, and reckless. Wendy discovers Peter is mixed up with the mysterious tattoo artist James Hook, who preys upon the young who flock to Peter, "hooking" them on the new designer drug, Pixie Dust. You think you may know the truth about NVRLND, but the truth is, you know nothing. NVRLND is a story for anyone who never wants to give up, but may not live long enough to have a chance.

Pre-order the first issue today! Diamond code: JUN161524

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