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Weekly Burn #9: Sunflower

Hello Hello readers readers READERS!!! We’re back with another update on the happenings around the Firehouse. Most of our initial slate of comic books have been released, with a couple final issues coming out on the horizon. I must say, we’ve been absolutely ecstatic over the response. It really is all thanks to you, our glorious counterparts in this storytelling exchange. I hope you love how all these books conclude, and I hope you are taking note of the advertisements in the back of our books for what is headed your way this fall. It’s about to be so on.

We have some huge announcements that we’ll be making this summer: new stories, new platforms, new worlds for you to explore. We weren’t kidding when we had creativity to burn. I wish so badly I could spill the beans, since in this instance they aren’t even beans, it’s a 7 layer bean dip. Each layer of the 7th tastes like your favorite songs mixed with your favorite vacation from your youth. The chips are made of perfect high-fives. So as much as I might want to metaphorically spill them, I must maintain the dip. The dip must be consumed as intended, and digested in your story belly. Even though its every flavor you like, this dip is also nutritious.

We will be sharing all 7 layers with the world soon. You know how the saying goes, “When I dip, you dip, we dip.” In that order. Until then let’s run down what the amazing comic community has been saying about our books. This week we look at Sunflower.

Outright Geekery came right out the gates with a paragraph that is amongst the proudest I have read, “I’ve been reading comic books for almost two decades now and they usually follow the same story telling format that you heard in almost every English lit class you’ve ever had. But I have never read the comic that proceeds to grab the reader and intensely keeps its attention from beginning to end.” They gave SUNFLOWER #1 10/10 across the board. Thank you so much guys. You deserve 30/10.

The ever gifted reviewer Joshua Barsody has written quite a bit about 451 lately. We gotta get you a hat or t-shirt or something. Joshua recently captured what he liked about Sunflower #5 with the following: “What writers Mark Mallouk and Andi Ewington have done here is take a kind of True Detective crime story and add an element of the supernatural to great effect. They've given it a grounded feel that isn't absurd, but instead, quite believable. It has done a wonderful job of making it fit into the mystery and make the story so much greater than it already was, without pushing the mythical aspects into implausibility.” Thank you so much Josh, the time and effort that you put into your reviews of our material means the world to us. THANK YOUU!!

Next up we’ll head over to Pop Culture HQ. It’s getting pretty hot over here in sunny Los Angeles but I have a feeling these “colder than a polar bear’s toe nails” legends over at PCHQ wouldn’t even feel it. Their reviews are so on point that they are not beholden to things like “the weather.” On Sunflower #5 they asked, “Will CJ ever find her daughter? Is CJ even going to survive the events of last issue’s shocker? If you have not given Sunflower from 451 Media a read, this is a fantastic jumping on point; a series about personal loss, suffering and an introspective journey of oneself. Spectacular elements of horror are also continuing to manifest themselves in this fantastic series.” I’m smiling ear to ear over here guys. You’re continuing to manifest a fantastic blog, and I hope you hit the lottery, and then I hope you spend it on all your favorite stuff, and then I hope you don’t have fallouts with your relatives because they said the money changed you. You were the same before and after becoming a billionaire. Promise.

To be continued next week with a look at all things Self Storage!

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