Weekly Burn #9: Humbug & Six

Welcome back! This week we wrap things up as we look at our favorite reviews around Humbug and Six.

Joshua simply understands great storytelling. I don’t know how else to put it other than we are humbled and deeply gracious for the amount of time he has put in to reviewing our books. With regards to Six #6 Josh had the following to say: “SIX issue 6 has brought the eight issue series to a new level. Pelecanos, Ewington, and Chater have created a series to keep an eye on. It's engaging, action packed, and sets a great standard for comic book entertainment.” You set a great standard for a comic blogger. Thank you Joshua, we are a small fish in a big comic pond, but we are the type of fish that will expand to the dimensions of our container, killing every single other fish trying to block our shine. Thank you for your massive help in the future destruction of that ecosystem.

Indiepulse put Humbug on their pull list. Thanks guys!

Over at the two headed Nerds podcast, Humbug was granted a “buy it”. Thanks so much guys, your podcast is always worth a close listen. Great stuff guys!!! The Humbug review starts around 35:20.

Alrighty that’s it for reviews and news this week. Again, please get your sunscreen out. The highest SPF humanly possible. Maybe just cover your entire body with zinc like a lifeguard’s nose. Or maybe dig a hole in the earth and start a Noah like seed collection to survive after the flames, because the announcements that 451 have coming down the pipeline will surely set the world on fire. Thank you Readers for being a part of our first year. Today is my 1 year anniversary of starting at this company and I sincerely can say you have made the last year the most fulfilling of my life. Our only concern is providing the white flame heat storytelling that you expect for us. We won’t stop. Promise.

See you soon.

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