debuts the official NVRLND Music Video

Coinciding with the release of NVRLND, we launched an exclusive music video to showcase the underground music world depicted in the comic.

Read the full Billboard article here.

Drawing inspiration from the comic

Following the theme of the book, the video is set in the underground music scene in Hollywood. Peter Pan is the lead singer of rock band The Lost Boys, who play at a secret underground club called NVRLND. Wendy Darling, the new girl in school, naturally falls for the brooding, bad boy rocker.

Nemesis James Hook is peddling a club drug called “pixie dust”, which makes them feel like they can fly.

We also meet Tiger Lily and the forever jealous Tinker Bell, who immediately disapproves of Wendy Darling.

The featured song, written by indie rock band The Raveonettes, was specifically written for the NVRLND property.

Head to your local comic book shop or Comixology to pick up your copy today.

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