The Final Issue of Six Hits Stores Today

The final issue of George Pelecanos’s Six series hit bookstores today. Here is the official synopsis:

They say life is all about timing. McQuade has done everything he can to rectify mistakes he made in the past, and all he has to do now is what he's done all his life - fight. After the ferocious gunfight with the Cartel across the border, new wounds have been opened and new scars have just begun to take form. Now, with nothing left to lose, McQuade must come to grips with what he has become. Can McQuade keep the promise he made on that desert battlefield and save Sarah? Or is it too late to save her and save himself? Only time and this final issue will tell.

(W) George Pelecanos, Andrew Ewington

(A) Mack Chater

(CA) Ben Oliver


Previous issues have been praised in the comic book community. Adventures in Collecting gave issues 1, 3 and 4 the pick of the week nod and blogger Joshua Barsody continually shares his love for every issue.

Pick up your copy of Six #8 on Comixology or at your local comic book shop today!

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