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Peter and Hook square off in NVRLND #2

Second star to the right and straight on till morning." That's the cryptic clue cooler than cool rocker Peter Pan gave to Wendy Darling and Tiger Lilly. You know what that means - the underground NVRLND party is back on! The Lost Boys are going to play a set at the party, and everyone who is anyone will be there. There are only two problems. One, Wendy is grounded, and two, that means Hook and his band of pixie pushing pirates will be there too. The kids of Hollywood High are getting so high they never land, James Hook wants to grasp control of that scene no matter the cost. Tonight Peter Pan and James Hook will fight for the right to control NVRLND. Tonight we see if Peter Pan knows how to fly!

Writers: Dylan Mulick, Stephanie Salyers

Artist/Cover Artist: Leila Leiz

To get a sneak preview of the issue, check out our NVRLND music video featuring the Raveonettes, as the events that unfold in the video foreshadow the events in issue two.

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