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NVRLND #3: The chaos continues

Is this party over before it started? Never say never in NVRLND. With Wendy thrown off the roof, Peter unconscious on the back of Tink's motorcycle, and a whole gang of blood-thirsty pirates barreling down Mulholland Drive, it's hard to imagine this scene getting any worse. However, now that Hook has Peter's shadow, all bets are off. Meanwhile, Wendy's Police Chief father is hot on the trail of whoever has been producing the lethal batch of pixie dust. A meeting with The Savages will open a door to worlds unimagined, even by the likes of tinsel town!

Writers: Dylan Mulick, Stephanie Salyers

Art/Cover Art: Leila Leiz


Reviewers have enjoyed NVRLND since the first issue and were very pleased with the newest addition. Blogger Joshua Barsody said, "The writer/creator duo of Stephanie Salyers and Dylan Mulick have ramped up NVRLND's 3rd issue to even greater heights." Heroes Direct also enjoyed it, saying, "NVRLND #3 is a visual treat that loves it’s time in the spotlight. Even in it’s darkest moments, it outshines a lot of generic comic books."

NVRLND #3 is available at your local comic book shop and on Comixology.

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