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Self Storage Vol. 1: The Complete Graphic Novel

Self Storage is officially available for trade via Comixology! The six issue series has been hauled for being "a different twist on the zombie myth" by Outright Geekery, as well as received 5 stars on every issue from Comic Crusaders. Here is the official synopsis:

Chris Smith has eked by in life hocking the auctioned-off junk from those people who no longer pay the rent on their self storage units. He spends his days hopping from one storage facility to the next, bidding on units sight-unseen, only to sell whatever's inside to antique dealers and pawn shops for as much money as he can squeeze. But Chris has never found anything like what's waiting for him inside unit # 83... ...Her name is Jessica. "What if you found a zombie locked up in a self storage unit? Would you keep it?"

Writer: Clay Chapman

Artist/Cover Artist: Matt Timson

Letterer: Eugenio Perez Jr.

Page Count: 191 Pages

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