Red Dog #1 hits stores nationwide

Rob Cohen, the renown director behind The Fast and the Furious and xXx, published his first comic book on Wednesday, 11/16. Here is the official synopsis:

Some say there's no greater love in the universe than the love a boy has for his dog. For Kyle, the only kid living amongst 200 grownups on a distant mining colony light-years away from Earth, that saying is a given. Welcome to Kirawan, a planet that Kyle calls, "the worst place you could ever imagine." Kyle stumbles through his days doing his chores hoping to live up to the steep demands of his father, the head of the planet's mining operation. Still, it's not all bad, there's Q, Kyle's robotic K-9, basically the greatest pet in the known universe. However, during an upload of resources bound for earth, the alien natives of Kirawan launch a full scale attack on the human miners. Welcome to the world of Red Dog, the new groundbreaking adventure series from the screenwriter of Fast and the Furious and XXX

Here is the full list of talent behind the book.

Written by: Rob Cohen

Adapted by: Andi Ewington

Illustrations by: Rob Atkins

Inked by: Brian Shearer &

Juan Castro

Colored by: John Rauch

Lettered by: Taylor Esposito

Cover: W Scott Forbes

Variant cover: Tom Velez

Editor-in-chief: David Forrest

The book has been well received by comic book critics, as mentioned in our past article. Stay tuned for announcements on Rob Cohen book signings and sneak peek pages on upcoming issues.

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