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Sunflower: The Complete Graphic Novel Vol. 1

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Sunflower is now available as a graphic novel! Below is more information on the hit series:

Ten years ago CJ's husband and nine year-old daughter were murdered off a desert highway near the California/Arizona border. Since that day, CJ can feel only two things - paralyzing shame for not being with her family and quiet fury that the perpetrators were never found. CJ should have been there to defend her family. CJ should have been there to die with her family. And, in the decade since, she might as well have been dead. Until the day a letter arrives. There's no return address, only one word in the letter. It simply reads: Sunflower. CJ's daughter is alive. And now so is CJ. And she will stop at nothing to get her daughter back.

Writer: Mark Mallouk

Adapted by: Andi Ewington (Overrun, Bluespear, and Dark Souls II)

Artist: Lee Carter (2000 AD and Judge Dredd Megazine)

Page Count: 171 Pages

Sunflower, which completely sold out its first print run, has made an impact in the community for being "a mini-series guaranteed to give goosebumps" (ComicsVerse) that contains "twists, turns, epic rises and falls and unbelievable characters” (Outright Geekery).

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