Red Dog #3: Red Wanders into Uncharted Territory

Updated: Mar 12

Red Dog #3 hit local comic book shops nationwide yesterday. Here is the official synopsis:

Red has gone missing. With the other cyber canines by his side, Kyle sets out into the desolate and deadly landscape of Kirawan to find his best friend. With love and loyalty overriding the dangers of the alien wilderness that wait outside the safety of the Colony, Kyle defies his father's warning to stay inside the Dome, and sets out to track down Red and bring him back home. Facing the challenges of survival in a hostile environment from dangers he has never experienced before is only the beginning of Kyle's ordeal. Little could Kyle have known that he would find himself in the center of a centuries old war!

Writer: Rob Cohen

Adapted by: Andi Ewington

Artist: Alex Cormack

Colored by: John Rauch

Lettered by: Taylor Esposito

Cover Artist: W. Scott Forbes

Variant Cover Artist: Tom Velez

The book has received fantastic reviews so far. The great guys over at The Nerdery said, "451 provides an amalgamation of emotions that has no rival. Each title is flush with handcrafted perfection taking you for a journey through elation, terror, suspense, sorrow, remorse and anger. No comic issue is a better example of this than Red Dog #3." The Comic Bastards also gave issue #3 a 5 out of 5 and gave kudos to the creative team, saying, "I’ll be sticking with it for sure. A great job from everyone involved with this book again."

Head to your local comic book shop or visit Comixology today to snag your copy of Red Dog #3!

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