Stained #2 hits comic shops across America

Emma is on a job to find a priceless painting, one she hopes will bring her biggest pay day yet. This "simple" task escalates into a twisted game of cat and mouse, and those who stand against Emma are into something more horrific than humanly possible.

Writer: David Baron

Artist: Yusuf Idris

Cover Artist: Steve Morris

Diamond code: APR171763

Out now at a comic shop near you! Press site Nerdslant gave the second issue a 9 out of 10, saying "Just as the goal of every film is to make you forget you’re watching a movie, so too goes comic books. Stained blends a familiar yet fresh heroine with a raw, dark narrative and gritty eye candy for pages. It’s everything great about 90s cinema that Hollywood abandoned in paper-format. You’ll read through it faster than you thought possible for the story and go back for seconds on the visuals alone. Fingers will flip the pages unconsciously while you soak it all in."

The wonderful people over at Comics the Gathering also loved issue #2, and recommended it to, "any fans of sci-fi mystery stories, and/or cyborg bounty hunters."

There is also a low amount of Ramon Villalobos's variant cover in circulation, ask your local comic book shop manager if they are holding a copy.

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