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451's 'Weekly Burn' #1

Shining champions of morality and dastardly doers of devilish deeds alike, welcome to the first installment of 451's Weekly Burn! Here at 451 Media Group our readers come first, second, last, second to last, etc. on our list of priorities. If anyone in the office happens to start writing an unrelated list, such as groceries, or office pet-peeves (If you are going to eat my honey-braided pretzel twists please replace them, Doug), we still write "readers" at the top of those lists, just to 4th dream-level incept ourselves with the importance of you, the readers.

We are a publisher created for the people, by the people... and by people I mean blood-thirsty cyborgs sent back in time to sow the seeds of destruction, primarily through various forms of subliminal content leading to the eventual... nvm, brb.


Okay, I love being a real HU-MAN, anyway... each week we'll be recapping 451's most recent reviews, features, tidbits, and stuff that's just generally radical coming out of the house the eternal flame built. Feel me?

First up, we have the great guys over at Black, White, and Read All Over giving Sunflower #1, written by all-star scribe Mark Mallouk and illustrated by Lee Carter, their honorable mention nod this week. Thanks guys!

What else is Black, White, and Read all over? ExMortis, 451's wonderful black and white World War II comic about Hitler's army of zombies. Issue #1 is out November 4th, 2015! Tell your shop owners you need a copy (or three... hundred).

Next up, we have the supremely knowledgeable market watchers over at Comic Book Speculation and Investing. In all of the land, which book do these commodity cowboys think is the best investment you could make this week? Why that's Sunflower #1, poised to sell out of your local comic book shop in the next 10-15 minutes, tops. Get going, you have enough gas for the trip there, AAA is very dependable anyway.

Basically, If you care about your families financial future at all (Like CJ, Sunflower's incredible protagonist) you'll pick up Sunflower #1.

Why did Rick's Comic City think Sunflower #1 was one of the top three books released this week in the entire United States of America, along with all it's incorporated territories? Chill bro, let them speak for themselves:

"Why We Are Excited: The synopsis from this indy book sounds so Tarantino-esqe, we can't pass it up. Especially knowing it's only a 6-issue miniseries, so it won't be a story to drag it's feet. Hell hath no fury like a mother searching for her lost daughter!"

The only time anyone at 451 let's their feet drag is when one of us has latched ourselves on to the back of a speeding truck using only dental floss, and thought the dust spray would be hella-tight style points. Normally we don't even care about style points like that, we prefer to keep the swagger type: all-business, but considering we are holding the floss with one hand, while the other hand is undoing the lock on the magic talisman you didn't even see us snatch from the evil archaeologist, we figured some flare was appropriate. Don't believe me? Just watch.

How about the folks over at Where did they think Sunflower #1 ranked among the hundreds of releases this week? Right, agreed, when you put out a book this killer, with a creative team firing on this many cylinders (infinite), there isn't as much suspense regarding that question. For the sake of historical record, and in no way bragging, we will catalog here that they also felt it was the #1 book this week.

While the owner of the #1 spot reveal wasn't too "I just pee'd myself a little" shocking, we promise to keep pumping out next-level suspense in our books. I Promise. I took a blood oath with the one they call Beelzebub. Anything for you, reader.

Last but not least are the folks cooler than a polar bear's toe nails over at They also had Sunflower #1 as one of their top recommendations this week. What did they have to say about this storytelling juggernaut smashing through the walls of your skull and making an investment with a maturation term of one natural life deep in the safety deposit box of your memory bank?

"There is already a ton of buzz on this book with a story line synopsis you feel could be picked up and turned into a movie at any time."

True that guys, true that.

So join us next week, and every week after that, for the Weekly Burn. It's the type of burn that doesn't hurt at all, and will probably give you a perfectly layered base tan for the rest of the year. We have unconfirmed biased reports that reading this is also good for the environment, so if you even care about ever seeing the majestic crane glide over the wetlands... Anyway, have a wonderful week reader, and remember what I said about how important you are. The list part... it was like five paragraphs up. if you can't remember then read it again. If you still don't grasp the concept then make yourself a list of things to remember, and remember that you, the reader, always go on top.

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