Self Storage #1 Part 1 - Reloaded

What if you found a zombie in a storage locker... would you keep it?

Hello watchers of the eternal flame, and welcome to Clay McLeod Chapman's SELF STORAGE, a zombie story full of heart, even if some characters don't have a heartbeat.

Chris Smith is your everyday storage warrior buying storage lockers sight-unseen and praying the contents will pay the bills that month. One day he purchases unit #83 from his local storage yard. However, this unit doesn't have grandma's old sweaters or holographic beanie babies, instead it has an undead teenage girl with the taste for human flesh. Her name is Jessica. How did she get there? Who put her there? And most importantly, once that locker gets opened up, will anyone survive?

Join us for part 1 of the 3 part motion comic, and pick up print issues of the comic when they hit your local retailer or snag a digital copy through Comixology. Issue #1 out now!!!

Item Code: AUG151508

Page Count: 32 Pages


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