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ExMortis Issue #1 Preview Motion Trailer

With each new release 451 Media Group hopes to set a new standard in motion comics. With that in mind, allow us to introduce the newest release in our growing family of boundary-demolishing titles, ExMortis.

When the Nazis unearth the long lost diary of the infamous Dr. Victor Frankenstein they carry on his work reanimating the corpses of fallen soldiers under the code name: Project Ex-Mortis. If Hitler succeeds in raising his zombie army the war will undoubtedly be lost for the Allied forces.

Just as all hope appears to be lost, the allies launch a last ditch effort to stop Hitler, recruiting a guerilla force of supernatural proportions, corralling a team of experts that includes Jack Glendon aka Wolfman, Junior aka Frankenstein, Vlad aka Dracula, Erik Leroux, aka the Phantom and Hans Vogler aka the Gillman.

War makes monsters out of men. Now we need those monsters to save us all.

Written by Pete & Paul Williams, adapted by Andi Ewington, with art by Raymund Bermudez. Issue #1 in stores now!

Item Code: AUG151507

Page Count: 40 Pages


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