Self Storage Issue #1 Part 2 - Raiders of the Lost...Storage

What if you found a zombie in a storage locker... would you keep it?

Hello watchers of the eternal flame, and welcome to Clay McLeod Chapman's SELF STORAGE, a zombie story full of heart, even if some characters don't have a heartbeat.

In part 2 of our introductory motion comic we see what life as a storage locker raider is like for Chris. Not everyone is comfortable acquiring the former belongings of the recently deceased. On the flip side, many of us can't ever let go of the things we think we "own." From dust we come and to dust we return... but what about unit #83!?

Join us for part 2 of the 3 part motion comic, and pick up print issues of the comic when they hit your local retailer. Issue #2 in stores now!!!

Item Code: SEP151407

Page Count: 32 Pages


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