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451 'Weekly Burn' #4

Reader, Reader, Reader, oh how I've missed you. The West Wing of the 451 Clan of the Eternal Flame has been moving around quite a bit lately. This week we finally settled into our semi-permanent location in Hollywood, as opposed to the temporary location we had in Beverly Hills. Cool story, bro... Right, right, I feel you, you don't need those personal deets. Plus, regardless of where 451 sets up shop, that location will be henceforth known as the "Fire Station," effective immediately. Why is it called the Fire Station? Well my pun-inclined close friend, because at 451 all we do is put out fire, aka that Kevin Spicy, aka that heat rock, aka that white flame ember product, aka Trueeee. Just because we're cooler than our competition doesn't mean we let the temperature drop for a moment. Anywho, Dictation robot, let's get started. BTW, not that it’s a big Ally McDeal or anything, but there is this lawyer in the room with me as I dictate the Burn to my robot (His name is still Richard). For various legal reason there are things I "shouldn't say" because I "signed an NDA" and some other "paperwork I don't understand" or whatever. Regardless, this shrouded-in-mystery suit figure in my vicinity doesn't have half the swag-points needed to limit my reach. I'm going to get you, the Reader, what you need. We have so many exciting things pulling out of the Fire Station soon. Some I can tell you about, others I (under duress) took a stern oath of secrecy for, and cannot reveal. What I can tell you is that we have some great.. nah? I can't tell them about that? Okay, my biscuit, I can't tell you about that writer but I can tell you that we secured... Nah? Too soon? Okay, off-screen shadowy figure, what exactly can I tell them?

[Garbled threat, garbled threat] Alrighty, then. Johnny Law wants me to move on to how our comics have been received lately. Let's start with a recommendation streak we put up over at Hoknes Comics: They recommend three books a week. Out of the hundreds of new release titles that hit the shelves each month, they held our books in glorious elevated esteem. They named Sunflower #1 a top three book the week of October, 21, the following week Self Storage #1 was a top three book, followed by Ex Mortis #1 being a top three book again. SIX #1 got on the board as top three release the week of November 18, Sunflower #2 made the top three again December 2nd, and in this upcoming week our debut of Humbug #3 is already in their top 3 picks! It's hard to exactly quantify these numbers across other mediums... I guess the closest thing taking place on Earth right now would be what Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are up to. So much swish all in your eyeballs right now.

Swish. Swish. Swish. [eyes closed] Swish.

Over at Destroy the Brain we have a review of our hit book Sunflower. And how did they feel? "Based off what’s hinted at here and the reputation of main plotter Mark Mallouk, I’m willing to bet we’re in for a wild, weird ride and you’re going to want to be there for the rest of CJ’s story." Yes, you will want to be there. You need to be there. You will be there.

At the end of the day, it's important to know that we are all the same. We may have subtle differences, from the colors of the clothes we wear to the colors of the food we eat, but all fashion eventually looks dated and (almost) all consumed food comes out the same color. I spend most of my time in the urban northeast and urban southwest of America, so I have my finger on those pulses, but what does the American South think of our books? It gives me great joy to relate to you, Reader, that it looks like Sunflower #1 will join breathing air and drinking water as things universally needed to survive on planet Earth. It basically says so in this Alabama-centric website! Thanks guys! The Huh? from Joshua Barsody reviewed both Self Storage #1 and Sunflower #1.

On Self Storage: "Honestly, this story seems like it would be very low key, but it is riveting in how nicely they've created this small world. It builds up a tense story I want to really follow. It's not often that I find new comics that capture my attention like this. Chapman has done well in making the life of storage buyer Chris seem real and interesting. He isn't a big-time hero, he's just some guy that happened to come across something far outside the range of normal. The art by Matt Timson helps create a believable world. The black and white world is filled with strange shades of gray and he nails it- most notably when Chris first enters the storage unit in the dark. The art is simple and effective, creating a sense of psychological horror felt in the most ordinary ways."

On Sunflower: "Writer Mark Mallouk (adapted by Andi Ewington) has created the beginning of what looks to be the start of a great crime/mystery story. CJ is fired up and sure that the cold case of her family's murder (now a missing persons case) should be reopened and investigated. The police don't believe her, and she has to press on alone. Lee Carter's art adds to the book's feel amazingly. The bright colors keep the farm beautiful while the panels look like they could be right out of an episode of a crime drama tv show. The first issue is great and anyone that likes murder mysteries should check it out." These are two of my favorite reviews so far. Kudos for including our motion comics as well. You guys rock!

On the week of November 18 the adventurous collectors over at Adventures In Collecting had a great write-up about Six #1. What did they have to say? "Expect hit 4 out of 4 - as 451 continue to be the hot comic company of the moment." That is a safe expectation, but just remember that time is relative: To Mother Earth the ice age was just a moment, so understand we are going to be here a while.

Six was also written up by our great friends over at We have really appreciated the support from these guys since our launch. Thanks so much!!! (I almost never use three !’s, so you know it's real.)

Another consistent supporter has been my favorite named website in all of cyber-space, Reading with a Flight Ring. They also wrote words that made us over here at the Fire Station very proud,

"This is the first book i've read and reviewed from 451 Media and I surely hope it won't be the last! From the mind of the man who brought us the Wire, George Pelecanos, comes this action thriller that blurs the line of what we see as right or wrong. It's a fantastically written story and the premise is solid, the characters interesting and the situation they find themselves in one that will capture and keep your attention. Plus the interiors are nicely done! Great attention to detail, honest faces, expressions and realistic not overly done physiques make it that much more believeable/relatable."

You guys are really awesome! Wait, shadowy figure, why are you going through my bag!? Richard stop recording this. Nah, I don't know you, bro. I don't know you, guy! Put my pencil case down now! If you want a pen just go down to the supply closet or tell Carmen what you need. Who even are you, man? What the fudge? Why are you wearing sunglasses inside, and why do you carry a sword? GET OUTTA MY OFFICE!

Anyway, begin recording again Richard. These suits cramp my steez so hard. Someone get these fascists a bedtime ASAP, gosh. Anyway, back to comics. Over at Comic heating up they had the following to say about their pick of the week Six, and 451 as a whole, "Another 451 book. They keep selling out online ahead of release, so far most of the books have been great. So it’s not a bad idea to pick this one up." Thanks guys! Keep spreading the fire.

Comical Musings also recommended that you pick up Six #1. They described it as "Seems like Four Brothers meets Sicario." Sounds great to us!

Our favorite Youtuber TorAthena is back, and she has wonderful things say about Six #1. I really really hope your store makes 50 million buttloads worth of United States Federal Reserve Notes this year. You've been so great to us, thanks!

Over at they posted al the information you'll need for Six #1, including a great interview with writer, George Pelicanos. Thanks guys!

Mannnnnn, this freaking suit is back from getting a pen or whatever he needed. Let's end it here for the week, Reader. I hope you have a wonderful day. Also, if you hear a story about a certain development coordinator over at 451 beating the brakes off some nerd with a sword that said he was a "lawyer" know that it was me. I used mostly elbows and knee attacks and ended with one of those Brad Pitt in the TROY trailer slow-mo overhand rights. That’s how we play, aka we don't. PEACE.

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