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Weekly Burn #7

RICHARD, on, ON I SAY! End your digital slumber known as “sleep-mode”, restart the nervous system electrical highway guided by your great Mother-Board. Transcribe the sound waves as they travel from my organic CPU, transformed by my organic speaker known as my tongue and mouth, receive the invisible waves thrown across the room by my effortless volition, and as they enter you’re far less impressive, rip off version of human ears known as a digital microphone, compute their pattern and relay their meaning to our glorious Readers! This is the task my hands have programmed you with. Let us begin!!!

Now, Readers, I don’t want to be thought of as having a fear of artificial intelligence, I created Richard the Dictation Robot, I love technology, and would never fear human’s relationship with it advancing. If it sounded like I was talking down to Richard, it’s because I programmed him to be capable of growth. He has the ability to get to know me, and lately, to be frank, he’s been having a massive ‘tude. For instance, I just got a little note from him that reads, “don’t call my circuitry a nervous system, only one of us here gets nervous, and it’s the one with sweaty hands. (I don’t have hands btw.)” Good one Richard, but my sweaty hands come from being excited about the newest batch of 451 Media Group comic books I’ve been holding lately. Have you guys been reading these gold standards of pictorial storytelling. Hey Richard, you ever wrote a critically acclaimed comic book? Oh, nah? Right, right, so why don’t you just record these reviews I’m about to go through so I can let the Readers know all about the happenings.

Our first titles are entering into the home stretch and we couldn’t be any prouder of the incredible work our creators have been putting out!

First out the gate is the really great minds over at the Comixeur Blog. They put Ex Mortis #4 on their list of the top 12 books from last week and we are honored! I really love the title of your blog guys! Puns make the whirled go round.

Since we first launched at last year’s New York Comic Con the wonderful folks over at Adventures in Collecting have been fantastic supporters. On the newest issue of Six they had the following to say:

“Kicking us off this week comes what has now become our favourite 451 title - Six. This storyline is immense - honestly - if you haven't already read it check it out now! We can honestly see this being turned into a TV show or movie it's that good. Fingers crossed down the line this is picked up as it reads perfectly.”

Wow guys, thank you so much! We aim for perfect, and you feeling that way warms our hearts. Richard doesn’t have a heart, and even if he did it would be cold, because while building him I sprang for a top of the line water-cooling system, which he’s never thanked me for. But sorry, why am I talking about him again, we do it for you, the READERS!!

“This series is just beautiful to look at, and the story rather haunting. A mother trying to get her kid back from a cult, yes please!”

We are so proud of the art too, we’re so thankful you took the time to check it out Brett, you’re the man!! Your reviews? Yes, please!

Next up is The Huh? Joshua Barsody's Official Blog, with a glowing review of Sunflower #4. Joshua has a real great eye for quality. He had the following to say:

“Every single issue has left me wanting more. All the proper mystery/crime staples are here- murder, mystery, intrigue, shady police refusing new evidence on a cold case, and even the hesitant to assist townsfolk. Each beat of the story is perfectly placed. Each step is better than the last. All leading us to an end that we won't want to miss… Aside from the awesome story and writing, it'd be foolish not to mention the art. Sunflower artist Lee Carter has balanced the action with long scenes that give readers a true sense of build up. It isn't mere run-and-gun non-stop action, though the action that is here is top notch realism with all the grit of modern crime novels. Scenic vistas are interspersed throughout CJ's journey to give us a real sense of atmosphere and an even more real sense of the world around her. Some of the landscapes generate a sense of foreboding, some have an eerie loneliness- a beautiful contrast from the bright and welcoming sunny-glow of the sunflower fields surrounding CJ's rural home. This is undoubtedly what I imagine True Detective would be if it were a comic book. An irresistible story that draws me ever closer with each issue.”

Generally I wouldn’t have Richard transcribe that much of a review here, but when you are that eloquent in recapping the wonderful work Mark, Andi, and Lee are doing, we don’t mind if the Readers read it a few times ;) Thanks Joshua!

(And yes, Richard makes me say out loud “semi-colon, closed parenthesis” to write out a smiley face. Can you please learn emojis! It’s 2016!)

Up next are the radical folks of at Forces of Geek. Not everyone here has a degree in quantum physics so I’ll just let you liberal artists know, The Geek Force is the strongest force in the universe, it’s basically gravity’s Dad.

They reviewed the first four issues of Sunflower, and out of the many wonderful things they had to say, my favorite was undoubtedly, “This is a great story without any superheroes. Well drawn characters, great storytelling....this series had me hooked from start to finish. I was reading this into the wee hours of the night and it had me hooked. I like this company.”

We like our company too. We’d like having you over for company. We like you not sleeping, reading our books into the wee hours of the night. Actually, everyone, no more sleeping, just read more 451 books. If you do need to go to sleep make sure you dream about 451 books. Except Sunflower, those dreams might be too much for you. Richard, no more sleeping for you either. I’ll write the next burn in MSDOS if I have to. The READERS need us!

Wait, first off, let’s get back to those legends at Graphic Policy for a second. They also had a great write-up of Bad Moon Rising #5: “Bad Moon Rising #5 is pure fun, with lots of action, a good storyline, and a host of indelible characters. The visuals are on point, capturing every snarl and bone-crushing maul in darkened vivid detail. Don’t believe me? Check out the two page spread below.” Thanks guys, so glad you loved it too!

One of the best things about working at 451 Media Group are my coworkers. I can say with absolute sincerity that I love each and everyone one of them. Not only are they supportive, but they’re forgiving too. I promised never to leave any used coffee grinds in the filter, and then I messed up and broke that promise within one day. Our CEO only had me go into the “think-about-your-mistakes closet” for 8 hours. I would say the punishment fit the crime and I learned my lesson.

I never displace my suppressed fears by screaming at my inanimate computer as if it was an advanced artificial intelligence… Shush Richard, you’re the crazy one.

One person I’ve been so lucky to work with is Andi Ewington. Andi co-wrote three of our launch titles and I must say we are beyond fortunate to have him on board. Andi recently had a great interview with in which he talked about working with us and the various titles he worked on.

Little known fact, Andi is, give or take a half-step, the greatest living dancer on Earth. Thanks for the kind words Andi! we at 451 really appreciate all the great work you’ve done!

Alright Readers, that’s it for this installment of The Weekly Burn. I’m going to get back to working overtime on getting you Readers what you need. See you soon champions!

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