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Weekly Burn #8

Why hello READERS! How does today find you? I hope exceedingly well. While I wish no harm on another being of (marginal) sentience, it appears Richard my robot, has come down with a virus, spyware perhaps (he’s been looking at generic appliances on the Silk Road), and has been sneezing up yucky data all day. This forces me to travel back to the neo-lithic era and commune with you by typing into a computer instead of dictating aloud to my binary companion. This change has me in joyous spirits.

I walked to a small man-made lake by my home this morning. The birds’ song transformed my inner turmoil into blades of soft grass, blades of soft grass on which, during my youth, I used to make filthy peak-era Ken Griffey Jr. level wiffle-ball catches on (And then proceed to crank homers during the bottom half of that inning, bat-flip). In the spirit of paying forward my mood, I feel compelled to remind you of something: The architect builds gigantic structures of which modern man marvels at. We can now travel thousands of feet straight up into the air, hardly harnessed by the forces of magnetism that restrains us to a terrestrial existence. The architect of literature builds in the similar fashion; however, the dreamer of stories yet unseen builds from matter invisible. The architect is asked, “how many stories tall is that building going to be?” The author is asked, “what is your story about?” In each instance the observer is paramount to experiencing the glory of the structure. You, READER, are the observer which makes all things worth building, you are the mirror we use to see ourselves. Without Richard around pestering me I am further resolved in my commitment to expressing to you how freakin’ legendary the READER’s role in the universe is. You are the only reason things are built, how valuable you are to the cosmos!!! HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE TO EVERYTHING!!!

I love you READER. 451’s on a whole new level. We are singing in a brand new key, and we’re using that key to unlock the boss stage, because like Shakespeare said, “All life is a stage,” and by that, he meant you’re a boss.

Let’s run through some thoughts written by the esteemed READERS who participate the gilded critical class.

Up first we have the true legends over at the publication you may have heard of… Fangoria!! They wrote up a review of 451’s book, Self Storage. And let me be the first to tell you, they NAILED it. Now I’ll let you read the review for yourself, but let me quickly share with you what they had to say about 451, the House the Eternal Fire Built, in general:

“451 Comics is really doing a service for fans of graphic novels and the like. By taking inspired, cinematic scripts and stories stuck in the Hollywood development system and giving them the comic book treatment, they’re not only providing writers with an uncompromising creative outlet, but they’re giving fans the chance to read content that hasn’t been noted and watered down to death by executives. Instead, they get truly great, mature storytelling with a look that reads in a way not unlike cinema, and if you’re a horror fan, you’ll get something like Clay Mcleod Chapman’s SELF STORAGE.”

Thank you so much guys! Your contribution to the world of stories is unquantifiable! Keep scaring us forever!

Next up we have a review from the Comic Bastards. What a cool name for a website guys. I don’t know you personally, but I feel like with a name like that you could go either way. It could be an ironic name, because you’re the nicest guys alive, or, it could be a sincere descriptor and you guys are the types that scare away the posers that didn’t even know Saturdays was a city-wide Magic: The Gathering tournament at the local shop with dagger side-eye glances. In either case, we really appreciate you guys! Did the Bastards dig Sunflower 1-4?

“My one regret is discovering this series so late. I was hooked after the first issue and the series didn’t let up with the next three. With the way fourth issue concludes the story is left in a curious spot with only two issues to wrap everything up. I’ll be there to check it out.” Radical guys, and don’t worry about showing up to the party late, we’ll be here all night. Kegs out back. We don’t run out of cups. Yes, they are free, this is a party for the READERS brah. You know what, the iPod is plugged in over there. You get the next song. You’re the man. For real.

The Craft Comics Podcast is a really great listen every single time! In this episode check out the review of EXMORTIS. The entire podcast is worth a listen, as it always is, but the guys get into 451s epic around the 52nd minute. Really, please do yourself a favor and listen to these guys. They’re extra bright and entertaining. But what did they have to say, “they’re crushing it, every single panel… yeah… wow… blown away. Love every character, just can’t say enough… In my opinion it’s a 10.” Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn guys!!! Thank you so much!! You guys are really great, keep up the great work!

Our friends over at Adventures in Collecting reviewed Six #4. What do they think about the prospects for George Pelecanos’s newest property for another medium? “We can honestly see this being turned into a TV show or movie it's that good. Fingers crossed down the line this is picked up as it reads perfectly.” Thanks so much guys, we hope so too, (wink wink wink)!! ;)

Great Comic Book Thoughts highlighted some quotes from our book Six #5. Thanks guys! And READERS, pick up #5 now!!! Available everywhere comics are sold.

We’ve highlighted the detailed amazing writing by Joshua Barsody before. This time he reviewed Humbug #4, our magical telling of what happened to Scrooge after he met with the three ghosts of temporal specificity. You should really read the whole thing, and everything that Joshua writes, but what does Josh say about Humbug?

“Humbug holds a strange charm to it- it's a little silly, and it's a little serious, but it's also a whole lot of fun- and with only a single issue left, I am truly looking forward to seeing how Scrooge and his Humbuggers handle the dire situation they've found themselves in. There's a lot of threads that will need to be tied up- will Scrooge get free, will they get Ruben back, what has possessed Mrs. Holywell, and is Vandenberg's dog all right?- but I think the Humbug team is more than up to the task.”

Thanks Joshua!!!!! There are lots of threads. I know how it ends, but I won’t spill the beans, let’s just say you are right to be looking forward to the conclusion… wink face again.

Alright READERS. I’m going to walk back to my house now and check on Richard. The anti-virus software I gave him this morning should only take a couple hours to kick in. I’ll tell him you wish him the best. In the meantime, before I go, I REALLY feel the need to remind you one more time: Narrative is the primary way we create meaning in this world. We want the worlds we create to make your world better. When you read them and give us feedback you make our world better. So READER, let’s continue to set the world on fire (metaphor), you’re giving our stories meaning. You give our lives meaning. Let’s keep this beautiful relationship up!

Till next time, legends!

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