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451 'Weekly Burn' #2

Oh... Hey Weekly Burn Reader... I didn't see you there.

Just kidding, we have access to your computer's webcam and have been waiting for you to read this all day. Before we get started, I just wanted to let you know that when you balled up that burrito wrapper and shot it across the entire office, over that extra chair that's in everyone's way, behind your bosses back, off his closet door, and perfectly swished it into an undersized modern trashcan with a defensive spinny lid... and then you looked around like, "pshhh, did anyone even see that?" and then you looked at the palm of your hand with a look of sincere dejection, as if no one in your office even cares about sweet stuff, or nice moves, or sniping long-range buckets with absolutely zero residual salsa splash... when you did that, we were watching. And we gotta say Reader, you're right, they don't care, they're cowards. But here at 451, the only thing we care about is the truest sweetness: Killing cool monsters in righteous fashions, jumping the gorge they said no one could clear on rollerblades, finding the clue that was right in front of our noses the whole time but the only way we could really discover it is if we forgive ourselves of our dark pasts, etc etc. So Reader, with regards to your shot, it was really really awesome, you coulda played in college, but you were more-so there for the good times, and we totally respect and understand that. Fist bump.

Okay... let's get down to business. This is our second Weekly Burn feature and we have tons of great internet portals to get you through. Firstly, We'd like to give a heartfelt thank you to all the retailers, publications, bloggers, and most of all READERS who spent time with our books this week. We put our all into them, and the moment you crack open that spine is our payoff.

SUNFLOWER continues to solidify itself as an indie book to reckoned with. Here is an interview that our writer-extraordinaire, Mark Mallouk, gave to the LA Times. In it Mark breaks down his motivation for writing the story, as well as drops hints at possible other mediums in which the Sunflower story could be told. Great stuff Mark!

The fine folks over at featured two of our first three titles this week. And named Sunflower #1 their book of the week! Thanks for taking the time guys!

The gifted humans over at felt that Self Storage was one of the top books to watch this week. It sounds like they are eager to find out how this zombie named Jessica ended up in a storage locker. Well, usually I don't like to spoil anything, especially endings to thrillers, but in this case I'll let you know: The truth about Jessica is she was... psyche! C'mon bro, you fell for that? I'd rather get dental work from a T-Rex than tell you the incredibly unreasonably awesome ending of Self Storage. The only thing I can offer about the end of issue 1 is an apology that you can't read issue 2 for a month, but next month you can. I promise it'll be well worth the wait.

Word!? had what to say about our resale values?

"This was first talked about – like last week’s out of nowhere Sunflower #1, 451 Media is dropping a new series, Self Storage #1, and its already before the book comes out copies of Self Storage #1 are selling above cover! With multiple sales on ebay in the $15 range and with most presale comic stores already selling out of the title, Self Storage #1 looks like its this weeks winner three days before release."

Man, with an ROI (that's Return On Investment, for those deep in the bean-changer game) like that I almost wish I could come across a storage locker full of Self Storage #1's and I would... ehh, nevermind, I should delete that joke, it's not really even a joke and I don't know how I would end it. Dictation Robot, strike that last mess from the record, it wasn't even a joke. Dictation Robot, are you listening to me? Stop writing this. No. I need you to DELETE. Sigh. Okay. Guess no take backs. Gotta be perfect from here on out. What else is new.

Over at the always on point,, we get this update from a group of store owners on the front lines of the funny book wars:

"Sunflower from 451 Media has been a consistent seller for us all week, which was a pleasant surprise."

That's certainly pleasant to hear guys! As far as surprising? Well... how can i say this in a humble way...? Well it's like, if Lebron James takes a shot he knows the ball has a good chance of going in, know what I'm saying? No, no, that sounds wrong. It's like when Buzz Aldrin got out of the Apollo 11, he had a pretty good feeling his boots would touch the ground. Yeah. Exactly like that.

Terry Hoknes from Hoknes Comics had Self Storage as the #1 pick of the week. Thanks Terry!

Rick's Comic City, which has two pristine shops over in the fine state of Tennessee, had this to say about Self Storage:

"The premise sounds unique, The Walking Dead is back on TV, Halloween is right around the corner, and 451 really connected with us last week's with their release, Sunflower #1. All these factors put together feels like the perfect storm for this new series to be a Top of the Stack pick for us this week."

451 thanks you for your kind words, and give you a bonus eternal flame for reminding readers about Sunflower. You guys rock!

Adventures in Collecting had the following thoughts on the fledgling media empire that is 451 Media Group:

"Last week 451 comics gave us the fantastic 'Sunflower' and this week they are set for another home run with Self Storage... If 451 keep producing comics like this they are set for a fantastic future!!"

Well AiC, I've been to the future, and let me tell you, all of our futures are so fantastic that in the future-speak of the then that I've been to the word fantastic translates roughly to our, "yeah man, that's pretty cool, just like everything."

Thanks so much for your kind words and support.

Surfing the net is tight, obviously. You get to float through the infinite ocean that is humanity's collective hyper-consciousness up until this point in time-space. And the fractal self-replicating nature of the net's meta-mind will always provide a totally sick new wave. Like this wave right here, in which named Self Storage #1 the indie book of the week. Surfs up, bro.

Last but not least, a couple other looks at our book Sunflower #1 which hit shelves last week.

The wonderfully cool comic shop owner and youtuber TorAthena, who recently dyed her hair an awesome shade of (451) red, had some very cool things to say about Sunflower! Thank youuu, and might we add it looks like the photo shoot came out great! Congrats on your 5 years being open!

Finally the exceedingly cool titled website, readingwithaflightring, published what my dictation robot and I consider to be one of the most heartfelt reviews we've received thus far. Thank you so much!!!

Alright Readers. That's it for this week. There's no shortage of good things being written about 451 Media Group's initial slate of comics. I have a feeling that's because we wrote these comics with only you, the Reader, in mind. We aren't some global media conglomerate that has bought everything from sports networks, to theme parks, to cruise lines, to politicians, to final spots on the new Arc leaving Earth soon. We aren't some former animation company whose logo may or may not be some kind of rat-like creature named after an illicit substance used by creepers in decades past. No, that's not us. We aren't some kind of stock-holder beholden tape worm eating up everyone's favorite independent companies so we can stick a hip variation of our logo and pretend claim over it's brilliance. No, but with your continued readership Reader, 451 Media Group can become all those things. All those things and much, much, more.

Dictation Robot, save this file. Save. No, not as a PDF, I might need to edit your mistakes later. Dictation Robot!!!!!

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