Six - A Buried Past

Welcome to Six, a tale of war at it's worst, and fighting soldiers at their best.

Few bonds can rival the brotherhood forged by soldiers in combat. When a mission goes horribly wrong in the early days of the Iraq War, an elite team of Marines loses one of their own. With no WMDs to speak of, but 6 coffins worth of Iraqi treasure, the six remaining marines fake their own deaths and return to the States heartbroken. Years later, the widow of the fallen marine is being threatened by the leader of a Mexican drug cartel. There's only one group she can turn to for help. Time to get the band back together.

Join 451 Media Group and writer George Pelecanos, (HBO’s The Wire, The Pacific, Treme), for a searing story of love and war in the modern world. SIX #1 available for download via Comixology and in stores now!

Item Code: SEP151408

Page Count: 48 Pages

Full Color

#six #iraq #war #army #violence #action #adventure #451 #451media #motioncomics #animation #georgepelecanos #thewire #treme #marine

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